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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
Workshop Report: The Role of Atrocity Prevention and Responsibility to Protect in Development Cooperation 26 May 2016
#R2PWeekly:16 - 20 May 2016 20 May 2016
#R2P Weekly: 9 - 13 May 2016 13 May 2016
#R2P Weekly: 2 - 6 May 2016 6 May 2016
ICRtoP Guest Blog Post: Gender and Genocide 5 May 2016
#R2P Weekly: 25 - 29 April 2016 29 April 2016
#R2P Weekly: 18 - 22 April 2016 22 April 2016
Infographics to honor Genocide Awareness Month 14 April 2016
#R2P Weekly: 4 - 8 April 2016 8 April 2016
ICRtoP and APR2P Report: Advancing Atrocities Prevention in Southeast Asia 7 April 2016
#R2P Weekly: 28 March - 1 April 2016 1 April 2016
#R2P Weekly: 14-18 March 2016 18 March 2016
Clustered Interactive dialogue with the Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders 17 March 2016
#R2P Weekly: 7-11 March 2016 11 March 2016
#R2P Weekly: 29 February - 4 March 2016 4 March 2016
From commitment to implementation: Ten Years of the Responsibility to Protect 3 March 2016
FCNL: Sixty Faith, Human Rights, Humanitarian and Anti-Genocide Groups Call for Passage of Senate Bill to Prevent Genocide and Atrocities 29 February 2016
#R2P Weekly: 22-26 February 2016 26 February 2016
ICRtoP Statement at Thematic Panel Discussion Convened by the President of the General Assembly 25 February 2016
#R2P Weekly: 15-19 February 2016 19 February 2016
#R2P Weekly: 8 - 12 February 2016 12 February 2016
#R2P Weekly: 1-5 February 2016 5 February 2016
Speech by ICRtoP's Megan Schmidt at 2nd Meeting of the Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC) Conference 3 February 2016
#R2P Weekly: 25-29 January 2016 29 January 2016
#R2P Weekly: 18-22 January 2016 22 January 2016
#R2P Weekly: 11-15 January 2016 15 January 2016
#R2P Weekly: 1-8 January 2016 8 January 2016
Where is the Responsibility to Protect Going? Norm Anniversary Year in Review 7 January 2016
Event Summary: Arria Formula Meeting: Responsibility to Protect and Non-State Actors 6 January 2016
ICRtoP Remarks at United Nations Security Council Arria Formula Meeting on RtoP 16 December 2015
#R2P Weekly: 23 Nov-4 Dec 2015 4 December 2015
#R2P Weekly: 16-20 Nov 2015 20 November 2015
Event Summary - The Responsibility to Protect at Ten: Perspectives and Opportunities 10 November 2015
#R2P Weekly: 2-6 November 6 November 2015
#R2P Weekly: 19-23 Oct 2015 23 October 2015
#R2P Weekly: 12-16 Oct 2015 16 October 2015
#R2P Weekly: 5-9 Oct 2015 9 October 2015
New ICRtoP Publication: Women, Peace, and Security and the Responsibility to Protect 5 October 2015
#R2P Weekly: 28 September - 2 October 2015 2 October 2015
Guest post in Global Justice by ICRtoP's Angela Patnode: UN Security Council: The responsibility not to veto 30 September 2015
Event Announcement: Latin America and the Responsibility to Protect: Divergent Views from the South? 30 September 2015
ICRtoP Statement on the Occasion of the Ministerial Meetings led by the governments of France and Mexico, and the ACT initiative 30 September 2015
#R2P Weekly: 21-25 September 2015 25 September 2015
#R2P Weekly: 14-18 September 2015 18 September 2015
ICRtoP Summary of 2015 UNGA Dialogue on RtoP 16 September 2015
#R2P Weekly: 7-11 September 2015 11 September 2015
ICRtoP Statement at the General Assembly Informal Interactive Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect 8 September 2015
#R2P Weekly: 31 August - 4 September 2015 4 September 2015
Letter from 34 NGOs on ACT "Code of Conduct regarding Security Council action against genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes.” 31 August 2015
#R2P Weekly: 17-21 August 2015 21 August 2015
#R2P Weekly: 10-14 August 2015 14 August 2015
ICRtoP Summary of Secretary General's Report on RtoP: A Vital and Enduring Commitment 11 August 2015
#R2P Weekly: 3-7 August 2015 7 August 2015
#R2P Weekly: 27-31 July 2015 31 July 2015
2015: Infographic on Women, Peace and Security and RtoP 30 July 2015
#R2P Weekly: 20-24 July 2015 24 July 2015
#R2P Weekly: 13-17 July 2015 17 July 2015
#R2P Weekly: 6-10 July 2015 10 July 2015
ICRtoP Press Release: Veto on Srebrenica Resolution Hinders Ability to Prevent Next Genocide 8 July 2015
#R2P Weekly: 29-3 July 2015 6 July 2015
#R2P Weekly: 22-26 June 2015 26 June 2015
ICRtoP Press Release: Preventing Future Atrocities in Palestine 25 June 2015
ICRtoP Statement on the Release of the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations 23 June 2015
#R2P10: The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Women 22 June 2015
#R2P Weekly: 15-19 June 2015 22 June 2015
#R2P Weekly: 8-12 June 2015 12 June 2015
#R2P10: The Burundi crisis and the risk of regionalisation 5 June 2015
#R2P Weekly: 1-5 June 2015 5 June 2015
#R2P Weekly: 25-30 May 2015 29 May 2015
ASEAN, international community must prioritise Rohingya women and children in crisis: Statement by 60 Civil Society Organizations, Including ICRtoP 28 May 2015
Press Release: Burundi Needs More Than Rhetoric on Responsibility 21 May 2015
#R2PWeekly: 11-15 May 2015 15 May 2015
Letter signed by 40 NGOs ahead of UN Security Council Open Debate on Small Arms and Light Weapons 11 May 2015
#R2PWeekly: 4 May - 8 May 2015 8 May 2015
New "RtoP at 10" Blog: Elect to Act, Why the Unrest in Burundi Cannot Be Ignored 6 May 2015
ICRtoP, the Stanley Foundation, APR2P-Civil Society Perspectives: A View From the Asia-Pacific Ten Years Since the World Summit 5 May 2015
#R2PWeekly: 27 April - 1 May 2015 1 May 2015
#R2PWeekly: 20 April - 24 April 2015 24 April 2015
New Educational Tools from the ICRtoP 17 April 2015
#R2P10: What Can Your Organization Do To Advance the Responsibility to Protect in 2015? 15 April 2015
Parts II and III of Alex Bellamy's Introductory Blog for "RtoP at 10" Series: "RtoP's Unfinished Institutional and Operational Work" 9 April 2015
New ICRtoP "RtoP at 10" Blog Series: Introductory Piece by Alex Bellamy on "RtoP: A Norm for Our Times" 7 April 2015
New Publication from ICRtoP and PAX: "Arms and Atrocities: Protecting Populations by Preventing the Means" 2 April 2015
ICRtoP Blog: Darfur ICC Referral Turns 10: Reflections on the Troubled Path to Accountability 31 March 2015
ICRtoP and 47 Civil Society Organizations: Statement on the 4th Anniversary of the Crisis in Syria 13 March 2015
ICRtoP Blog: The Power of the Private Sector – An Untapped Source of Atrocity Prevention 12 March 2015
Initial Outcomes from "The Responsibility to Protect at 10: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific" 9 March 2015
ICRtoP co-sponsors conference and workshop in Asia-Pacific Region on RtoP; Special Advisers Statement on Incitement Rhetoric 19 February 2015
New ICRtoP Blog: Election Violence in Nigeria not Inevitable 11 February 2015
Crisis Alert: Commentators Warn of Renewed Danger of Atrocities in Darfur 26 January 2015
Recommendations by from the ICRtoP and 18 Members for the AU summit 21 January 2015
Crises to Watch in 2015; UNSG Identifies Re-Commitment to RtoP as Key Opportunities in 2015 13 January 2015
ICRtoP Event Announcement: The Responsibility to Protect and the Prevention of Atrocity Crimes in the Middle East and North Africa 17 December 2014
New Blog from the ICRtoP: Buffer Zones and Local Freezes: What Hope for Ending Syria’s Civil War? 16 December 2014
Event Marking Launch of Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes, New 1for7billion Campaign 12 December 2014
New ICRtoP Blog: Rights Up Front and Civilian Protection: An Uneven First Year 26 November 2014
New Framework of Analysis on Atrocity Crimes; Updates on Syria, CAR, Myanmar 7 November 2014
ISIL and Iraqi Government Committing Identity-Based Killings in Iraq; Kobane under Threat 16 October 2014
New Reports Illustrate Urgent Need for Action as Dire Humanitarian Situations Worsen in Iraq, Libya, and South Sudan; ICRtoP Launches LinkedIn Group 8 October 2014
ICRtoP Statement on Regulating the Use of the Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations 25 September 2014
Event Summary: The Role of Human Rights, Development Assistance, and Peacekeeping: Building State Capacity for Atrocities Prevention 23 September 2014
Civil Society and Member State Events Call Attention to Urgency of Further Implementation and Mainstreaming of RtoP 17 September 2014
Letters to U.K, France, and U.S. from NGOs on Restraining the Use of the Veto in Atrocity Situations 15 September 2014
ICRtoP's Summary of the General Assembly's sixth informal, interactive dialogue on RtoP 12 September 2014
pdf ICRtoP's Statement at the 2014 GA Dialogue on RtoP: "Fulfilling our Collective Responsibility: International Assistance and RtoP" 8 September 2014
UN Security Council Adopts Resolution on Conflict Prevention, Reaffirming the Responsibility to Protect 22 August 2014
pdf ICRtoP Summary of the 2014 Secretary-General report "Fulfilling our Collective Responsibility: International Assistance and RtoP" 19 August 2014
ICRtoP, Cyrus Vance Center, NYC Bar Event: RtoP, International Law, and the Central African Republic 14 August 2014
New ICRtoP Educational Document: Clarifying the Second Pillar of the Responsibility to Protect 12 August 2014
As UN Officials Express Outrage Over Potential War Crimes in Gaza, Calls Mount for Accountability 4 August 2014
Crisis Alert: UN and Civil Society Actors Issue Urgent Calls for Civilian Protection in Gaza 17 July 2014
New ICRtoP Blog: Myanmar’s Controversial Census, Discriminatory Laws Further Stoke Atrocity Fears 10 July 2014
Civil Society support for RtoP grows with 7 new ICRtoP members; ICRtoP welcomes new High Commissioner for Human Rights; RtoP publications & events 25 June 2014
ICRtoP Blog: UN Peacekeeping: New Trends and Implications for Civilian Protection 17 June 2014
New Q & A's on the Responsibility to Protect and Burma/Myanmar, Darfur, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 11 June 2014
pdf NGOs, Including ICRtoP and Three Members, Release Statement on Restraining Use of Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations 22 May 2014
New ICRtoP blog post--Crisis in Nigeria: A case for RtoP's Second Pillar 21 May 2014
NGOs, Including ICRtoP, Write Letter to Security Council Urging International Action on Abduction of Nigerian Schoolgirls 14 May 2014
Atrocity Crimes in Nigeria, South Sudan, CAR, and Syria Spur International Action 13 May 2014
South Sudan: No Stability Without Accountability; Latest RtoP-related reports, interviews, and civil society advocacy 1 May 2014
New Q & A's from the ICRtoP on Conflict Situations; Ethnic Clashes in South Sudan; RtoP reports and events 22 April 2014
Security Council Adopts Resolution on Prevention of Genocide; UN Member States Told Must Act on Responsibility to Protect populations in North Korea 17 April 2014
New ICRtoP Publication: Domesticating the Responsibility to Protect 14 April 2014
pdf 9 April University of Southern Maine Event, co-sponsored by the ICRtoP: Paving the Way to a Better World: Rwanda, Syria, and RtoP 8 April 2014
International Community Marks the 20th Anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda 7 April 2014
ICRtoP Adds Four New Members, Report on ICRtoP Addis Event 26 March 2014
pdf Report on ICRtoP event: From Non-Interference to Non-Indifference: Reflecting on an Article 4(h) Agenda at the African Union 26 March 2014
Civil Society and UN Officials Urge Security Council to Authorize a United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in Central African Republic 17 March 2014
ICRtoP & other NGOs sign Joint Letter to France on Use of Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations 14 March 2014
Third Anniversary of Syria Crisis; Human Rights Council Embraces Mass Atrocity Prevention 11 March 2014
ICRtoP Launches New Mapping Tool on the Responsibility to Protect 26 February 2014
UN Report Says International Community Has a Responsibility to Protect North Koreans from Ongoing Crimes against Humanity 21 February 2014
As Thousands of Muslims Flee CAR, UN and Civil Society Officials Declare Exodus Amounts to Ethnic Cleansing 14 February 2014
Security Council Told There's Still a Chance to Reverse One of the Worse Human Rights Situations of Our Time in CAR 22 January 2014
pdf ICRtoP Event: From Non-Interference to Non-Indifference: Reflecting on an Article 4(h) Agenda at the African Union 21 January 2014
South Sudan: Political Tensions Ignite Inter-Ethnic Clashes and Fears of Mass Atrocity Crimes 6 January 2014
Last Chance to Make Your 2013 Gift to the ICRtoP! 27 December 2013
UN Releases Rights Up Front: A Report to Improve the UN’s Capacity to Prevent and Respond to Unfolding Crises 20 December 2013
Civil Society Support for RtoP Grows as the ICRtoP Welcomes Five New Members to the Coalition 18 December 2013
As CAR Descends Into Chaos, Civil Society Demands Decisive Action by the UNSC; Unfinished Business: Civil Society Recommendations in Libya and the DRC 4 December 2013
Appeal: Please make your end-of-year gift to ICRtoP 26 November 2013
"Civil Society Perspectives: Building State Capacity to Prevent Atrocity Crimes": Event Report 14 November 2013
Fears of Genocide in Central African Republic; Recent Publications and Upcoming Events 5 November 2013
ICRtoP Needs Your Support! 29 October 2013
Security Council Adopts Resolution on Women’s Role in Conflict Prevention; AU Requests Delay of ICC Trial; Other RtoP Crises 24 October 2013
Notable Progress on RtoP During Opening Week of the 68th UN General Assembly; Heightened Risk of RtoP Crimes Around the World; RtoP-Related Events 2 October 2013
Commentary on threat of force in Syria; Civil society reports on RtoP crimes in other conflict situations 23 September 2013
ICRtoP Announcement: Seven New Members Join the ICRtoP 18 September 2013
ICRtoP mentioned in Mantle Article on New U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. 16 September 2013
UNGA holds fifth informal, interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect Focusing on State Responsibility and Prevention 13 September 2013
Opening Remarks by Sapna Chhatpar Considine, Director of the ICRtoP, at the event: Civil Society Perspectives: Building State Capacity to Prevent Atrocity Crimes 10 September 2013
Event Announcement: Civil Society Perspectives: Building State Capacity to Prevent Atrocity Crimes 6 September 2013
[Crisis Alert] RtoP in Syria: World Debates Long-Awaited Response--Clarifying What RtoP Is and Is not 29 August 2013
Shocking Reports of Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Lead to Calls for Action; Excessive Violence, including Sectarian Violence, in Egypt Raises Alarm 21 August 2013
ICRtoP report from 1st Global Conference for Civil Society on RtoP; US-based Working Group on RtoP releases report; Advocacy on other crises 8 August 2013
ICRtoP Overview of UN Secretary-General Report on R2P “State Responsibility and Prevention” 5 August 2013
New ICRtoP blog post: Spotlight Member Series - The Permanent Peace Movement 16 July 2013
ICRtoP welcomes the appointment of Dr. Jennifer Welsh as the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect 12 July 2013
ICRtoP holds its first global conf. for civil society on RtoP; UNSC adopts Resolution urging accountability for sexual violence in conflict; Crisis sections on Syria, Burma 8 July 2013
ICRtoP to hold its first global conference for civil society practitioners on the Responsibility to Protect 12 June 2013
ICRtoP Welcomes Eight New Coalition Members 21 May 2013
Recent events in the DRC, Guatemala and Myanmar; USIP Peace Brief on SSR and horizontal development; Report on EU engagement with IOs on mass atrocities prevention 10 May 2013
Submit your feedback for the UN Secretary-General’s upcoming report on the Responsibility to Protect 22 April 2013
UNSC highlights RtoP in discussing conflict prevention; Commemorating Rwandan genocide; ATT adopted 16 April 2013
IPU Adopts Resolution on Parliaments and RtoP; States, Civil Society Convene on Strategies to Advance RtoP 28 March 2013
Widespread calls for an urgent response to end the two-year crisis in Syria 15 March 2013
ICRtoP welcomes new members; Task force publishes report evaluating EU capacity to prevent mass atrocities; AU & Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation sign agreement to establish genocide prevention network 7 March 2013
Recent and upcoming events on RtoP and prevention of mass atrocities 8 February 2013
Crisis Update: Amid military operation to end insurgency in Mali, ICC announces investigation of atrocity crimes 18 January 2013
ICRtoP introduces new series on blog; Violence in Syria continues with over 60,000 dead; Publications on RtoP and related country cases 11 January 2013
First ICRtoP roundtable on RtoP in MENA region; Commemorating anniversary of the Genocide Convention; EP reiterates support for RtoP 14 December 2012
New blog post from ICRtoP: The Responsibility to Protect: a new norm to make ‘Never again’ a reality 5 December 2012
UNSC holds debate on its working methods; New policy guide on RtoP & POC; Country case publications; RtoP events and publications 30 November 2012
New ICRtoP Blog Post: Shocking report details the UN’s failure to protect the people of Sri Lanka 16 November 2012
ICRtoP holds fourth Steering Committee Meeting; Country updates - Syria, Myanmar/Burma; RtoP-related publications 9 November 2012
Opening of the 67th Session of UNGA; 2nd Meeting of the R2P Focal Points Network; Other Publications, Events 10 October 2012
Syria: UN Inquiry Chief updates HRC on daily commission of mass violence; Panel event organized by CLAIHR; Initiatives by ICRtoP Members and others 26 September 2012
ICRtoP Feature Blog Post on Responsibility while Protecting & Five-part video interview with Dr. Alex Bellamy of the Griffith Asia-Institute 18 September 2012
ICRtoP Blog Feature Post- Responsibility while Protecting: the impact of a new initiative on RtoP 14 September 2012
Syria: Civilian casualties and refugee population increase in ongoing civil war; FEMNET Mali and ICRtoP partner for workshop on RtoP in Mali 30 August 2012
Crisis Update: Syria - UNGA criticizes UNSC failure to reach consensus as crisis worsens; Myanmar - Violence in Rakhine State triggers claims of ethnic cleansing 9 August 2012
ICRtoP Blog - What's Next in Syria? 25 July 2012
Crisis Update: Syria in a state of civil war, disagreements within Security Council over Chapter VII provisions in resolution 17 July 2012
Human Rights Council hosts side-event on the RtoP; Syria - No sign of relenting violence as international community searches for a new peace plan 11 July 2012
POC debate: States reflect on distinctions between POC and RtoP, RwP, and country cases 1 July 2012
Security Council to convene thirteenth open debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict 22 June 2012
Suspension of UNSMIS in Syria; Violence in east DRC; Global Centre for R2P and ECOWAS hold policy forum 20 June 2012
West Africa Civil Society Institute, holds regional pilot training on RtoP in Accra, Ghana; Related publications 13 June 2012
New RtoP publication in Latin America/Caribbean; UN authorizes investigation into Houla massacre in Syria; Civilians at risk in Mali 1 June 2012
Crisis Update: Massacre in Syria renews calls for immediate action to halt violence 30 May 2012
New ICRtoP Publication: "At a Glance" - Civilian and Military Capacity to Protect Populations 18 May 2012
ICRtoP and partners release e-book on operationalizing RtoP; Violence in Syria despite monitors; UNSC Threat of sanctions may quell Sudan/South Sudan border violence 11 May 2012
ICRtoP blog post - New “At a Glance” Series Looks at Key Measures Under RtoP’s Third Pillar 4 May 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Violations of Syria Ceasefire Abound As UN Deploys Monitoring Mission 1 May 2012
New ICRtoP Publication: “At a Glance” – Regional and International Justice 27 April 2012
U.S. President Obama launches Atrocity Prevention Board 24 April 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Kony 2012 and the Responsibility to Protect 24 April 2012
Civil society response to U.S. launch of Atrocities Prevention Board 23 April 2012
Threat of war between Sudan and South Sudan places populations at risk; Security Council authorizes monitors to oversee Syria ceasefire 20 April 2012
Crisis Alert in Mali: Populations in north at risk of human rights violations 13 April 2012
New ICRtoP Publication: “At a Glance” – Preventive Diplomacy 12 April 2012
Crisis Update on Syria: Conditions for ceasefire appear unstable amid expanding violence 12 April 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Civil Society Advocacy Aims to Ensure Constructive 2012 UN Dialogue on RtoP 9 April 2012
Commemoration of Rwandan genocide: the importance of strengthening capacity to prevent and halt mass atrocities 6 April 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Debating the RtoP in Libya, Syria 6 April 2012
ICRtoP reaches out to regional and sub-regional organizations; Syrian government accepts Annan’s six-point proposal 29 March 2012
ICRtoP blog post - al-Senussi Arrest: Conflicting Extradition Requests, Concerns About Justice System 22 March 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Civil Society Reflections on the Lubanga Trial 16 March 2012
Struggles to protect civilians in Syria continue; Libya inquiry report released; First ICC verdict issued 15 March 2012
ICRtoP blog post - The RtoP and the ICC: Complementary in Prevention, Assistance and Response 14 March 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Women and the Responsibility to Protect 9 March 2012
ICRtoP Feature Report - Civil Society Reflects on Challenges for RtoP Post-Libya 28 February 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Libya, One Year On: National Transitional Council Struggles With Revolutionary Change 28 February 2012
Humanitarian situation deteriorates in Syria; Brazil hosts UN informal dialogue on “responsibility while protecting” 22 February 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Diplomatic Pressure Intensifies on Syria as UN General Assembly Set to Vote on New Resolution 16 February 2012
ICRtoP Blog post: After the Double Veto: International Community Must Re-Double Efforts to Uphold RtoP in Syria 9 February 2012
Arab League suspends monitoring mission, calls for UN action; Security Council deliberations continue 3 February 2012
ICRtoP blog post - South Sudan Ethnic Violence Exposes Key Challenges for Implementing RtoP 2 February 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Syria: Members Continue to Debate Arab League Plan, Civil Society Urges No Veto 1 February 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Syria: Arab League SG, Qatari PM to Brief UNSC as Members Grapple with Draft Resolution 31 January 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Syria Update: Security Council Set to Discuss New Draft Resolution Friday Amidst Continued Russian Opposition 27 January 2012
ICRtoP blog post - Practitioners and Academics Assess RtoP From 2001-2022 at R2P: The Next Decade 23 January 2012
ICC decision on accused in Kenya; Arab League calls on Assad to resign; UN Member States show support for RtoP 22 January 2012
Observer mission in Syria meets criticism as violence continues; Ethnic violence erupts in Jonglei 6 January 2012
Crimes against humanity in Syria, draft SC resolution from Russia; Libyan gov't struggles to disarm rebels 18 December 2011
ICRtoP blog post - Syria Policy of Crimes Against Humanity, Russian Draft Resolution to SC 15 December 2011
Arab League pressures Syrian government to allow int'l monitors; Laurent Gbagbo brought before ICC 6 December 2011
ICRtoP blog post - Syria Update: UNGA Third Committee Passes Resolution Condemning Crackdown 22 November 2011
GA Resolution condemns Syria violence; Calls for Saif Gaddafi and Abdallah Senoussi to face trial at ICC; UEF adopt resolution endorsing RtoP 21 November 2011
SC Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians, Arab League suspends Syria, Call for Libya accountability, LRA and RtoP policy brief 14 November 2011
Investigation of Gaddafi’s death; Yemen violence ongoing despite SC demand for ceasefire; Civil society continues to call for action in Syria; ICRtoP member commentary 27 October 2011
New ICRtoP blog post - Yemen: Amidst Fresh Protests, Government Continues Crackdown With Impunity 19 October 2011
RtoP references at opening of 66th Session of the UNGA; Syria, Libya, RtoP Commentary 17 October 2011
ICRtoP Blog: UN Security Council fails to uphold its Responsibility to Protect in Syria 7 October 2011
SAF clash with rebel groups in Blue Nile, South Kordofan increase risk of civil war; Crisis in Syria worsens as rebels take up arms, NGOs urge urgent Security Council action; Escalation of attacks against demonstrators in Yemen as president returns 29 September 2011
Sixty-Sixth Session of UN General Assembly Opens; Violence in Syria against civilians continues as Arab League increases pressure; Security Council pledges UN support in post-conflict Libya; Yemeni government security forces target protestors 22 September 2011
ICRtoP--Clarifying the third pillar of the Responsibility to Protect 20 September 2011
New ICRtoP blog post: AU role during Libyan crisis, events celebrating 10th anniversary of ICISS report 15 September 2011
More violence and continued abuses in Syria; UN and civil society raise alarm at recent attacks against civilians in South Kordofan; Rebuilding in Libya amid severe humanitarian crisis 9 September 2011
Syria: calls for stronger response; Libya: fighting continues as risk of serious human rights violations remains; US atrocity prevention initiatives 26 August 2011
The “end of an era” in Libya? Calls to protect civilians and prevent revenge and retribution crimes 23 August 2011
International response to increased violence in Syria, Civilians remain at risk as stalemate persists in Libya, Civil society voices support for new U.S. initiatives to prevent atrocities 11 August 2011
U.S. President announces the creation of an Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board and Corresponding Interagency Review 3 August 2011
[Crisis Alert] Violence escalates in Syria: Civil society and some Member States call for Security Council Resolution 1 August 2011
EU refers to RtoP in Council Resolution, Oxfam Australia releases report on Early Warning for protection conference; ongoing RtoP concerns in Sudan, Syria and Libya 21 July 2011
Mass violations continue in Sudan, Syria and Libya; post-conflict in Kyrgyzstan and Côte d'Ivoire; UNEPS sign-on letter, event, and call for papers 16 June 2011
GA dialogue, NGO side event on the role of Regional Organizations in implementing RtoP 13 June 2011
Abuses in Abyei continue; Cote d'Ivoire both parties accused of atrocities; Libya Commission of Inquiry report released 3 June 2011
[RtoP News] Open Debate on Protection of Civilians; Libya: Denial of humanitarian access continues; ICC issues warrant for arrest of Qaddafi; Other RtoP situations 23 May 2011
[RtoP News] Syria: need for response to halt violent targeting of civilians; Risks of mass atrocity crimes persist in Libya; Sri Lanka: Post conflict search for accountability 28 April 2011
[RtoP News] Upcoming events on RtoP and genocide prevention 13 April 2011
[RtoP News] Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide; Cote d'Ivoire: Violence continues with heavy toll on the population; Libya: NATO seeks to protect Libyan civilians 7 April 2011
[Crisis Alert] Côte d’Ivoire: repeated urgent warnings to prevent ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities; Libya: recalling limited aspect of military intervention 1 April 2011
[Crisis Alert] Libya: Implementation of UN resolution 1973 for the protection of civilians; Urgent action required in Cote d’Ivoire; deteriorating situation in Abyei 25 March 2011
[Crisis Alert] Urgent measures needed to protect Libyans as crisis turns into civil war; International Community urged not to forget Cote D’Ivoire 15 March 2011
Int'l community reacts swiftly to Libya; civil society warns of humanitarian crisis; ongoing clashes in Cote d'Ivoire 2 March 2011
[RtoP in Libya] Security Council recalls Libya s Responsibility to Protect; Civil society calls for action to halt mass atrocities 23 February 2011
Key Decisions from AU Summit, Ban Ki-moon on implementing RtoP, Sudan and Cote D Ivoire 10 February 2011
National endorsements of Responsibility to Protect: what has your government done? 3 February 2011
UN GA approves funding for positions on the prevention of genocide and RtoP; SG Advisors issue second RtoP statement on Ivory Coast 24 January 2011
Refusal of Gbagbo to step down raises international concern of renewed violence; January 9th referendum in Sudan 6 January 2011
Human Rights Day Celebrations, calls to stop LRA atrocities, SC Debate on Protection of Civilians 16 December 2010
Human Rights Day Listserv: ICRtoP highlights the upcoming referenda in Sudan 10 December 2010
Post election violence in Guinea, Sudan referenda, international Symposium in Paris on Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities 1 December 2010
New Security Council members must recall their pledge to protect; Post election news updates in Guinea and Burma 15 November 2010
Guinea elections: renewed risks of ethnic violence; Res 1325 celebrates its 10th anniversary 7 November 2010
UN general debates mark opening of 65th session; Ministers commit to national focal points on RtoP 18 October 2010
UN Mapping Exercise documents widespread and systematic atrocities in DRC between 1993 and 2003 5 October 2010
Stanley Foundation and Funders dialogue on RtoP, Global Centre for RtoP publishes report on Darfur, Op-eds on RtoP 23 September 2010
Mass rapes in DRC, new reports on risk of violence in Kenya, Burma and Kyrgyzstan 30 August 2010
PGA Convenes Upcoming GA Dialogue on Early Warning, Assessment and RtoP, Member States Refer to RtoP in Debate on Preventive Diplomacy Tools in Africa 5 August 2010
RtoP Excerpts from Security Council Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict; Renewed calls for peace and accountability in Sudan 20 July 2010
Calls for action in Kyrgyzstan; Outcomes of ICC Review Conference 25 June 2010
SPECIAL CRISIS UPDATE - Kyrgyzstan: Violence in Kyrgyzstan leads to call for international community to operationalize their Responsibility to Protect 16 June 2010
White House Mentions RtoP in May National Security Strategy, Human Rights Watch Letter to Secretary Clinton on Sri Lanka Investigation, Featured Reports, News Articles, and Upcoming Events. 4 June 2010
UN SG References RtoP in Human Security Report, ICG report on war crimes in Sri Lanka 19 May 2010
Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide, Global Centre brief on RtoP and Nigeria 19 April 2010
DRC December 2009 massacre, Inaugural Gareth Evans Lecture at City University of New York, Sudan 365 Campaign 2 April 2010
UN denounces Nigerian violence, Executive Summary of Stanley Foundation conference, Final program available for Sweden RtoP conference 22 March 2010
ICRtoP New Educational materials, Global Centre policy brief on Burma/Myanmar and RtoP, upcoming events 8 March 2010
Crimes against humanity in Guinea; Conference on RtoP and Civilian Protection in Cameroon 25 February 2010
Stanley Foundation convenes meeting on UN implementing RtoP; NGO Communique includes call for AU to prioritize RtoP 28 January 2010
Evidence of the Guinean junta’s failure to protect protestors from crimes against humanity 20 January 2010
First Director of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect appointed 7 January 2010
Obama reflects on just war and adherence to standards on the use of force; 61st anniversary of HR Declaration 18 December 2009
NGO Forum Adopts RtoP Resolution, Ramesh Thakur Reflects on GA Debate 7 December 2009
RtoP included in Security Council Resolution on the Protection of Civilians, Initiative for International dialogue challenges ASEAN to comply with int’l law 20 November 2009
ICRtoP and GCR2P Host Panel Discussion on July GA Debate 9 November 2009
Analysis Framework to Detect Risk of Genocide; New Legal Convention on IDPs, New Court for Darfur 4 November 2009
Violence in Guinea elicits ICC preliminary examination, ICRtoP participates in "The Mantle" inaugural roundtable on RtoP 16 October 2009
Ban expresses support of RtoP at Genocide Convention anniversary; Goldstone report... 8 October 2009
Outcome of July GA debate: Adoption of First UN Resolution on RtoP; Ban moved by constructive and forward looking July debate 29 September 2009
Global Centre for R2P assessment of GA debate; Ministers and Presidents speak on R2P 10 September 2009
Italian FM speech on human rights and RtoP, Reporting on July GA debate... 26 August 2009
Articles and op-eds from the General Assembly debate on RtoP 4 August 2009
General Assembly Debate on RtoP (Day 1 and 2); government statements; featured news 28 July 2009
General Assembly debate on the Responsibility to Protect; summary of events, upcoming events and press 22 July 2009
Next week debate at the UN on RtoP, Obama and Pope speak out on RtoP… 16 July 2009
Upcoming UN General Assembly debate on RtoP, AU Summit, ... 5 July 2009
US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice strongly endorses RtoP, ICRtoP participation in RtoP events around the world 23 June 2009
African States parties back away from withdrawal; Sri Lanka; Obama: end genocide 12 June 2009
Sri Lanka war endsalls for justice for crimes committed remain; crimes against Humanity in Burma and Gaza] 29 May 2009
25 May 2009 News Update [Latest activities of the ICRtoP Secretariat and NGO partners] 25 May 2009
14 May 2009 News Update [Crisis in Sri LankaGO reach out to Japan and IMF, Debate Continues on RtoP and Burma] 14 May 2009
6 May 2009 News Update [RtoP Architects on Sri Lanka, Regional Forums on RtoP, RtoP references at EU-Japan Summit, NAM Ministerial Meeting and Durban] 6 May 2009
24 April 2009 Special Sri Lanka News Update [Update on the Crisis in Sri Lanka and Catastrophe in the Vanni Region Following 2 Day Ceasefire] 24 April 2009
24 April 2009 News Update [ICRtoP sends Open Letter to Governments in advance of GA RtoP debate] 24 April 2009
20 April 2009 News Update [Imminent Risk of Mass Atrocities in Sri Lanka, Conviction of Ex-Peruvian President Fujimori, Editorials and Reports on RtoP, and Upcoming Events] 20 April 2009
15 Years since Rwandan genocide; East Africa CSO forum and RtoP, NATO Shadow Summit and RtoP 13 April 2009
9 April 2009 Special Sri Lanka News Update [warnings of an escalating humanitarian and human rights disaster] 9 April 2009
25 March 2009 News Update [ICC Indictment of Sudanese President Bashir, Editorials by ICISS Commissioners, American Symposiums on the Responsibility to Protect, and New Reports] 25 March 2009
2 March 2009 News Update [Engaging the Obama Administration with RtoP, Reports on Pursuing Justice in Ongoing Conflict, and Upcoming Events] 2 March 2009
Special Edition: Summary of the Secretary-Generals Report on Implementing the Responsibility to Protect 13 February 2009
Special Edition: UN Secretary General releases report on the Responsibility to Protect; Launch of International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect; U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice Reiterates U.S. Support for RtoP in her First Address to the 30 January 2009
26 January announcements-- New R2P-CS Publication and Launch of the Global Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect 26 January 2009
16 January 2009 News Update [The Crisis in Gaza--Are War Crimes Being Committed?; Civil Society Initiatives on Gaza] 16 January 2009
16 January 2009 News (Part II) [Zimbabwe, the ICC, and the Urgency to be past Mugabe; R2P and the Obama Administration; Ambiguities with R2P and International Action] 16 January 2009
23 December 2008 News Update [Ban ki-Moon's Year End Remarks--The Responsibility to Deliver; China and R2P; the EU's Inclusion of R2P in Policy Strategy] 23 December 2008
9 December 2008 News Update [UNSC Working Group on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa Holds Arria Meeting on R2P; Release of the U.S. Genocide Prevention Task Force Report] 9 December 2008
24 November 2008 News Update [The InterParliamentary Union Holds Hearing at UN on R2P; Civil Society Initiatives on Darfur and the DRC] 24 November 2008
11 November 2008 News Update [Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Francis Deng Releases Statement on DRC; South African Development Community (SADC) Meets to Discuss Zimbabwe, Congo] 12 November 2008
3 November 2008 Special DRC News Update [Crimes Against Humanity and Escalating Violence in the Congo] 5 November 2008
24 October 2008 News Update [African Union Holds High Level Debate on R2P; US Presidential Candidates' Ideas on Humanitarian Action and R2P] 27 October 2008
16 October 2008 News Update 16 October 2008
24 September 2008 News Update 25 September 2008
5 September 2008 News Update 8 September 2008
20 August 2008 News Update 20 August 2008
7 August 2008 News Update 8 August 2008
24 July 2008 News Update 24 July 2008
16 July 2008 Special Update 16 July 2008
14 July 2008 News Update 15 July 2008
1 July 2008 News Update 27 June 2008
16 June 2008 News Update 16 June 2008
4 June 2008 News Update 4 June 2008
21 May 2008 News Update 21 May 2008
13 May 2008 News Update 13 May 2008
9 May 2008 R2PCS Message on R2P and Burma/Myanmar 9 May 2008
7 May 2008 News Update 7 May 2008
23 April 2008 News Update 23 April 2008
11 April 2008 News Update 11 April 2008
27 March 2008 News Update 27 March 2008
06 March 2008 News Update 5 March 2008
22 February 2008 News Update 26 February 2008
15 February 2008 News Update 15 February 2008
06 February 2008 News Update 7 February 2008
30 January 2008 News Update 30 January 2008
24 January 2008 News Update 25 January 2008
08 January 2008 News Update 8 January 2008
18 December 2007 News Update 17 December 2007
11 December 2007 News Update 10 December 2007
27 November 2007 News Update 26 November 2007
12 November 2007 News Update 11 November 2007
01 November 2007 News Update 31 October 2007
24 October 2007 News Update 23 October 2007
12 October 2007 News Update 11 October 2007
28 September 2007 News Update 26 September 2007
24 September 2007 News Update 23 September 2007
12 September 2007 News Update 11 September 2007
20 August 2007 News Update 19 August 2007
02 August 2007 Special News Update 1 August 2007
31 July 2007 News Update 30 July 2007
19 July 2007 News Update 18 July 2007
10 July 2007 News Update 9 July 2007
19 June 2007 News Update 18 June 2007
11 June 2007 News Update 10 June 2007
31 May 2007 News Update 30 May 2007
18 May 2007 News Update 17 May 2007
10 May News Update 9 May 2007
02 May News Update 1 May 2007
27 April 2007 News Update 26 April 2007
19 April 2007 News Update 18 April 2007
16 April 2007 News Update 15 April 2007
12 April 2007 News Update 11 April 2007
05 April 2007 News Update 4 April 2007
30 March 2007 News Update 29 March 2007
22 March 2007 News Update 21 March 2007
21 March News Update 20 March 2007
15 March 2007 News Update 14 March 2007
08 March 2008 News Update 7 March 2007
21 February 2007 News Update 20 February 2007
12 February 2007 News Update 11 February 2007
02 February 2007 News Update 1 February 2007
11 January 2007 News Update 10 January 2007
03 January 2007 News Update 2 January 2007
05 December 2006 News Update 5 December 2006
21 November 2006 News Update 21 November 2006
08 November 2006 News Update 8 November 2006
31 October 2006 News Update 31 October 2006
18 October 2006 News Update 18 October 2006
09 October 2006 News Update 9 October 2006
04 October 2006 News Update 4 October 2006
04 October 2006 Special Events Edition 4 October 2006
26 September 2006 News Update 26 September 2006
21 September 2006 News Update 21 September 2006
14 September 2006 News Update 14 September 2006
08 September 2006 News Update 8 September 2006
22 August 2006 News Update 22 August 2006
03 August 2006 News Update 3 August 2006
26 July 2006 News Update 26 July 2006
20 July 2006 News Update 20 July 2006
11 July 2006 News Update 11 July 2006
05 July 2006 News Update 5 July 2006
20 June 2006 News Update 20 June 2006
26 May 2006 News Update 26 May 2006
22 May 2006 News Update 22 May 2006
01 May 2006 News Update 1 May 2006
18 April 2006 News Update 18 April 2006
Special Peacebuilding Commission Update 18 April 2006
14 April 2006 Special Darfur News Update 14 April 2006
14 April 2006 News Update 14 April 2006
10 April 2006 News Update 10 April 2006
01 February 2006 News Update 1 February 2006
12 January 2006 News Update 12 January 2006
09 January 2006 News Update 9 January 2006
21 December 2005 News Update 21 December 2005
19 December 2005 News Update 19 December 2005
01 December 2005 News Update 1 December 2005
28 November 2005 News Update 28 November 2005
26 November 2005 News Update 25 November 2005
10 November 2005 News Update 9 November 2005
03 November 2005 News Update 2 November 2005
25 October 2005 News Update 24 October 2005
20 October 2005 News Update 19 October 2005
18 October 2005 News Update 17 October 2005
13 October 2005 News Update 12 October 2005

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