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Statement by the President of the Central African Republic to the United Nations, at the Security Council Meeting on Protecting civilians in the context of peacekeeping operations 2016
10 June 2016

Against a backdrop of heightened vulnerability due to a drop in agricultural production, forced displacement, rampant crime and the still too great number of atrocities being committed by armed groups, we together must do more and better to protect the population throughout the breadth of the country. In the immediate term, and this is the number one priority of my Government, the Central African Republic needs the unwavering support of the international community, particularly of MINUSCA, to protect populations sustainably. That is why the protection of civilians must remain the priority mandate of MINUSCA and be carried out in support of Government action. In order to guarantee such protection, particular support from the international community is needed to equip and train our personnel and enable them to fulfill their primary responsibility in respect of protection and security.        

At this point, I wish to express the Government’s gratitude to the international community for its support in restoring the authority of the State. This support has enabled the redeployment of 16 prefects, 71 sub-prefects and 174 special delegations, as well as of 425 staff professionals working in social services, 70 per cent of whom work in the education sector. However, I note that, in the context of restoring the authority of the State and protecting civilian populations in the Central African Republic, strengthening the functional and operational capacities of the police and gendarmerie also remains a priority."

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