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Statement by Raimonda Murmokaitė, Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the United Nation, UN Security Council briefing Threat to International Peace and Security: Prevention and Fight against Genocide 2014
16 April 2014 
“It would seem that we’ve come a long way since.  At the World Summit of 2005, member states embraced the concept of Responsibility to Protect.  Early warning offices were set up in the UN structure. Special Advisers of the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide and on the Responsibility to Protect were appointed.  We commend the work of the two Special Advisers for their dedication and resolve in carrying out their life-saving work. 
All of this speaks to the fact that further progress is needed in translating the concept of responsibility to protect, this “most important and imaginative doctrine to emerge on the international scene for decades”, as Louise Arbour calls it, into action. With adequate information, mobilization, courage and first and foremost, political will genocide can be prevented.  We, the international community, must cultivate and build that political will or else even the best of concepts and conventions will fail to protect from crimes against humanity and genocide.
The responsibility to protect to which the member states committed themselves in 2005 must be honored and acted upon consistently. National governments bear the primary responsibility to protect their populations, including through human rights education, preventive measures, such as countering incitement, extremism and hate speech, intolerance, and discrimination as well as themselves practicing accountability before their citizens.
A critical ingredient of prevention of mass atrocities is the existence of legitimate and accountable national institutions that are inclusive and credible in the eyes of the population, as well as the enabling foundation of the rule of law, good governance, and respect of all human rights for all.
(….) “
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