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Secretary-General Welcomes ‘Promising’ Initiatives to Help Prevent Genocide, Mass Atrocities, Says Responsibility to Protect Bolstered by Strong National Measures
United Nations
9 August 2011
The Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon issued the following statement on 8 August:
(…) The Secretary-General welcomes the steps announced by the President of the United States on 4 August to strengthen his Government’s capacity to help prevent genocide and other mass atrocity crimes.  If the responsibility to protect is to become fully operational, the solemn commitments undertaken by Member States at the United Nations will have to be matched by innovative and sustained measures at the national level. (…)
(…) Under a responsibility to protect framework, Costa Rica, Denmark and Ghana have established a network of focal points in Member State capitals for the prevention and halting of mass atrocities.  Argentina, Switzerland and Tanzania have convened a series of regional conferences on the prevention of genocide.
The Secretary-General looks forward to working with all Member States, regional and subregional arrangements and civil society on early and coordinated action to prevent mass atrocities. (…)
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