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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Jean-Franois Thibault is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Moncton (Canada), he is a Fellow of the Rseau francophone de recherche sur les oprations de paix (CRIUM, University of Montreal, Canada) and of the International Peace and Security Program of the Institut qubcois des hautes tudes internationales (Laval University, Canada). He is currently writing a book on the Responsibility to Protect. The author is grateful to Alicia Cleaver for her much appreciated linguistic revision of this text.

In the following paper entitled ilitary Intervention and the Indeterminacy of the Responsibility to Protect, Mr. Thibault looks at the following questions:

What should member states of the so-called "international community" do when one of them does not assume its functions of protecting its own population, but instead abuses its power and uses all the means at its disposal to foment, foster or let perpetrate massive and systematic human rights violations? How shall they collectively react "in the common interest" to put an end to these atrocities?

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