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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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New Issue of Global Responsibility to Protect

Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

October 2009


A new issue of Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P) is now available. Global Responsibility to Protect is the premier journal for the study and practice of the responsibility to protect (R2P). This journal seeks to publish the best and latest research on the R2P principle, its development as a new norm in global politics, its operationalization through the work of governments, international and regional organizations and NGOs, and finally, its relationship and applicability to past and present cases of genocide and mass atrocities including the global response to those cases. Global Responsibility to Protect also serves as a repository for lessons learned and analysis of best practices; it will disseminate information about the current status of R2P and efforts to realize its promise. Each issue contains research articles and at least one piece on the practicalities of R2P, be that the current state of R2P diplomacy or its application in the field. Global Responsibility to Protect promotes a universal understanding of R2P and efforts to realize it, through encouraging critical debate and diversity of opinion, and to acquaint a broad readership of scholars, practitioners, students and analysts with the principle and its operationalization. It encourages contributions from a variety of disciplines and professions who have something to say about R2P. Global Responsibility to Protect seeks insights and approaches from every region of the world that might contribute to understanding, operationalizing and applying R2P in practice. Authors are cordially invited to submit articles to the associate editor, Luke Glanville.   


This issue includes:

  • The Responsibility to Protect: A Framework for Confronting Identity-Based Atrocities by Sheri P. Rosenberg and Bryan R. Daves 
  • Responsibility to Protect: Coming of Age? by Donald Steinberg
  • Responsibility to Protect: Framework for Prevention by Sheri P. Rosenberg
  • (Re)Building the Rule of Law after Identity-Based Conflict: What Responsibility to Protect Practitioners Will Confront by William G. O'Neill
  • How to Use Risk Assessment and Early Warning in the Prevention and De-Escalation of Genocide and other Mass Atrocities by Barbara Harff
  • Vaciliating on Darfur: Responsibility to Protect, to Prosecute, or to Feed? by Kurt Mills
  • Stopping the Killing: The International Criminal Court and Juridical Determination of the Responsibility to Protectby Michael Contarino and Selena Lucent

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