On 20 March 2008, UN Envoy Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah gave the following comments to the Security Council on the situation in Somalia:

What is needed now is engagement by the international community. I am not asking outside countries to become active for moral or altruistic reasons. They have a clearly mandated responsibility to become involved in a country where there are widespread violations of human rights and humanitarian law. The concept of the responsibility to protect was adopted at the 2005 World Summit of leaders and later endorsed by the Security Council ()

The report of the Secretary-General and the interagency fact-finding mission to Somalia (S/2008/178) clearly illustrates that the international community has a clear and unambiguous responsibility towards the people of Somalia. That responsibility obliges the Security Council to look beyond the limitations that the current security situation imposes and to reflect on a possible outcome and come up with ideas as to what is possible - within the constraints already mentioned in the paper by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations - to help create circumstances in which the United Nations can become more fully engaged. We are asking for real engagement by the United Nations and the Security Council.

The Security Council also has the responsibility to protect and assist the legitimate Government in Somalia as it does in other conflicts. Silence and lack of action are not viable options at this time. The international community in general, and the Security Council in particular, must participate in a serious manner in a peacebuilding process in Somalia. Such a process would send the right message to the Somali people, to subregional and regional organizations and to international donors. It would help strengthen the ongoing process of national reconciliation and thereby help support the efforts of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to achieve peace and reconciliation in the country.

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